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Legalization information

Legalization Fees and Service Fees

To submit your documents for legalization, you will have to pay a legalization fee and a service fee.

The legalization fee is collected on behalf of the Consulate General of Belgium in Tunisia and the service fee is collected for the processing of your documents at the TLScontact centre.

Legalization Fees

For the legalization of the aforementioned acts, the consular fees in force must be paid in Tunisian dinars according to the exchange rate for the current quarter, on the basis of the following tariffs:

  • Legalization fee - 20.00 EUR = 68.00 TND ;
  • Service fee - 5.00 EUR = 17.00 TND.

Service fees are collected for each document by TLScontact;

The fees will be paid on the day the documents are submitted.

* The legalization/authentication fee, which is only collectible in TND, may change as a result of currency fluctuation.

Note: Original document and its translation are counted as two documents.